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Final Dig Diary for St Lythans

So, that’s it, we have finished our excavations at St Lythans! It has been an absolutely fantastic few weeks and we have found some amazing finds and discovered a lot about the monument. We have had an amazing time, have been extremely lucky with the weather (thanks to Ffion and her appeasing the weather gods!), … Continue reading

St Lythans chambered tomb from above!

We are in the middle of a really exciting week at St Lythans and will update the blog fully later in the week. A couple of teasers though….we have found the collapsed facade at the front of the monument complete with the rubble blocking that was placed in front of the chamber when it was … Continue reading

Final Dig Diary for Tinkinswood

Well, that’s it for Tinkinswood! It has been a really wonderful few weeks and we are so lucky to have had such a great group of people working with us. A huge thanks to everyone who came out to dig with us, we could not have done it without you! The weather has been extremely … Continue reading

Dig Diary Tuesday 1st November

What a glorious sunny day on site, and a distinct contrast to yesterday when we had to call it a day in most of the trenches at 1pm due to flooding! Things are progressing well on site and we think we have pretty much resolved possible Cromlech 2 (in the field adjacent to Tinkinswood Farm). … Continue reading


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