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Dig Diary 18/06/15 – working in the landscape around Bryn Celli Ddu

The last couple of days we’ve been looking further afield, and exploring the wider landscape around the main Bryn Celli Ddu monument & the first outcrop we’ve been exploring.

To our surprise and delight, we have come across 4 new rock art outcrop sites, with lots of new cupmarks. The one we are working on here has an amazing total of 37 cupmarks, several of them only now being unearthed for the first time. By the end of today we found a few more. So, exciting, and such a great moment to discover these with a Punk (Rhys Mwyn) and the Head of the Druid Order of Anglesey (Kris)! What good company.

Here they are, looking like boys at Christmas!

Rhys and Kris excavating the new cupmarks

Rhys and Kris excavating the new cupmarks in the foreground, 37 so far on this beautiful rock

Other new developments include giving the sunrise a go this morning. Basically, we had an indication that there was going to be an early chance of catching the sun without hindrance from cloud, the sunrise does what we would like to capture several days either side of the solstice, but unfortunately there was too much cloud just at the wrong time this morning. We need the horizon at the north-east to be clear between 5am-5.30am, that’s the optimum. We’ll give it some more goes….

Angela Davies, our artist in residence came along today to to a check on her projections and to have a test-run of her new film, which will be projected inside the chamber on Saturday. I won’t tell you everything about it, because there will be some surprises, but I assure you it will be fab. Can’t wait to see it in its full glory myself.

The Chamber Projection

The Chamber Projection by Angela Davies

Schools days tomorrow, so another busy day. Looking forward to see all our hands-on activities bring the site alive, from James Dilley and his flint knapping to Sally and Gareth with their new Neolithic shelter, I’ll be looking forward to seeing the Neolithic beer brewing too!


About FfionR

I’m Ffion, Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University and Heritage and Arts Manager for Cadw, the historic environment service for the Welsh Government. At Cadw, my role is to oversee projects that link heritage with the arts, inspire new ways of engaging people with our built environment and to link people with their local heritage and archaeology.


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