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Allestyn Cymunedol: Creu a Chracio / School Outreach: Make and Break


Byddwn yn cynnal prosiect gyffrous ar gyfer ysgolion lleol yn Siamber Gladdu Tinkinswood diwedd mis Mawrth 2012. Bydd yn gyfle i’r genhedlaeth ifanc ddychmygu eu bod yn adeiladwyr siamber gladdu Neolithig, wrth iddynt ail-greu perfformiad defodol ar y safle… Ymunwch a ni! Is-lwythiwch pdf yma, a’i arddangos os hoffech chi: Make and Break handout


We will be running an exciting school outreach project at Tinkinswood end of March 2012. It will be a chance for the younger generation to imagine what it was like to be a Neolithic tomb builder, re-creating a Neolithic ritual of their own at the site… Join us! Download a pdf and print out a poster here: Taflen Creu a Chracio

About FfionR

I’m Ffion, Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University and Heritage and Arts Manager for Cadw, the historic environment service for the Welsh Government. At Cadw, my role is to oversee projects that link heritage with the arts, inspire new ways of engaging people with our built environment and to link people with their local heritage and archaeology.


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