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St Lythans chambered tomb from above!

We are in the middle of a really exciting week at St Lythans and will update the blog fully later in the week. A couple of teasers though….we have found the collapsed facade at the front of the monument complete with the rubble blocking that was placed in front of the chamber when it was sealed…we have found lots of flint and neolithic pottery that probably originated from within the chamber…..we are in the process of investigating the structure of the main cairn….all very exciting!

In lieu of a full update, here are a couple of fantastic photographs taken by Adam Stanford of aerial-cam. The structure of the monument is very clear to see, and in the forecourt in front of the chamber the facade and blocking material can be seen as the grey rubble (the yellow is the natural bedrock).

Aerial view over the cairn - the end of the long mound can be seen in the trench at the top left of the picture

Cleaning the forecourt area in lovely november sunshine


View over the forecourt with the collapsed facade running down through the centre of the picture from the edge of the chamber, and the blocking rubble to the right of the facade



More soon!

Meli (Archaeology Wales) and Ffion (Cadw)


One thought on “St Lythans chambered tomb from above!

  1. Thank you for a fascinating tour of St Lythans burial chamber this afternoon. We have visited the site before and it was great to learn more about it and hear how the dig has gone.

    Posted by Wayne Strong and Gill Wood | December 3, 2011, 8:16 pm

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